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Date School SubjectTeach School Location Salary Start time Post ID
Mar/09/17 Raffles English English TianJin China 13000 May/01/17 164
Mar/08/17 CAUC FRENCH A1 B2 TianJin China 8000 Aug/26/17 163
Jul/06/16 Petrol Company French TianJin China 12500 Jan/01/18 142
Jun/06/16 ZMJ ENGLISH ESL/ORAL ENGLISH TianJin China 12500 May/01/17 136
Jun/02/16 C++ Developer/GENEE GROUP C++ Developer TianJin China 15000 Jan/01/18 135
May/31/16 Genee Group Computer/Embedded Software Engineer TianJin China 14000 Jan/01/18 133
May/26/16 TIENS GROUP/Training Manager Training Manager TianJin China negotiable Jan/01/18 132
May/26/16 TIENS GROUP/Product Manager Product Manager TianJin China negotiable Jan/01/18 131
May/26/16 Tiens Group/Store Operations Manager Store Operations Manager TianJin China negotiable Jan/01/18 130
May/26/16 TIENS GROUP/Custom Service Custom Service TianJin China negotiable Jan/01/18 129