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Date School SubjectTeach School Location Salary Start time Post ID
May/03/16 English Training School ESL Teaching ZheJiang China RMB10000-15000 78
Apr/29/16 DZ International Education ESL/Oral english AnHui China RMB8000-12000 Sep/01/17 77
Apr/29/16 ZHILIAN Training School ESL/Oral english ZheJiang China RMB8000-12000 76
Apr/29/16 SHANE Training School ESL ShanDong China RMB9000-13000 75
Apr/28/16 JDB English Training School ESL/Oral English QingHai China RMB11000 74
Apr/21/16 Unclesam training school ESL/ORAL ENGLISH JiLin China RMB8000-10000 72
Apr/21/16 LS ENGLISH SCHOOL ESL/English Teacher YunNan China RMB10000-12000 Sep/01/17 70
Apr/21/16 JIAYIN Training School ESL/Joy of Learning JiLin China RMB7000-10000 69
Apr/21/16 HB Foreign Language School ESL/Oral english HeilongJiang China RMB8000-15000 68
Apr/21/16 Clyde English ESL/Math/science HeilongJiang China RMB8000-15000 67