Life in China


Year 2014, Charlie (Poland) and Leslie (U.S) attended colleagues wedding party in Chinese traditional style.

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Year 2013, Caleb (U.S) and Courtney (U.S) went to Beijing Forbidden City for National Holiday.

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Year 2015, Tianjin in Foreigners Eyes event organized by Tianjin Foreign Expert bureau, this is good chance to know more about Tianjin Folk Culture. Albert (U.S) was studying how to dance.

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Year 2016, Michael(U.S) said: My life in China allows me to fulfill my own hunger for experience, learning the language, the culture and the endless amounts of culinary delights. I was born an American, but China is my home.

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Year 2014, Mr. Dorsett (U.S) was playing guitar for performance of public welfare.

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Year 2014, Richard taught students how to make Chinese lantern which for celebrating Chinese spring festival.

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Year 2012, Elodie (France) gave speaking practice for doctors and nurses of stomatology hospital.

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Volunteering opportunities in China

According to the needs of the development of education in Tianjin city, supported by the Chinese government, hereby approve the introduction of foreign volunteer organizations to improve foreign language education in Chinese Schools.
Number of Volunteers available (estimated): 200
Duration: 2 years
Location: Tianjin China
Workplace:The contracted education suppliers in the project

Conditions for Volunteers

You will receive a one-year-round trip airfare reimbursement from your country, including transfers. (This is to avoid the recruitment of short term ‘holidaymakers’. Also if you fail to complete your contract for a year that you may not receive the airfare. )
You will have an accident insurance, free accommodations (living with private bathroom) on campus or community.
You will get approximately CNY4000 to 5000yuan per month payment, before tax to guarantee the basic living costs, like transport costs and food. You will teach approximately 16-22 teaching hours a week.
Once a year travel to famous historic and cultural sites around China. 
During free time you will be arranged to learn Chinese. (two hours of free Chinese lessons a week in small classes)
Two semesters in one academic year Autumn semester generally starts at the beginning of September Spring semester generally starts at the beginning of March (depends on the school calendar or Chinese lunar calendar)

About Us


Nancy Jiang

Foreign Teacher Work Coordinator
Duties: Responsible for job information contact, organized work schedule and teacher attendance record.
Education: Tianjin Foreign Studies University, majoring in French language under the French-English orientation, University of Toulouse, France for one year.
Goal: To provide Schools in China Foreign Teacher information for recruitment and satisfy China’s Foreign Teacher’s demand. Provide Visa Services.


Cristine Tian

Senior Teacher Recruiter
Duties: To Recruit Foreign Western Teachers
Education: MA Marketing, Master of University of Hertfordshire, UK.
Goal: Through the years I have interacted and am familiar with the Western World, various Western Cultures through my studies and work abroad. My job allows me to recruit and interact with Foreign Teachers from America, England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to name a few. In a 5 Year Period, I have worked with over 500 Satisfied Foreign Teachers that have received work through my Job Placement.


Lucy Wang

Senior English Program Coordinator. Duties: Responsible for new teacher’s training, performance record. Education: Bachelor’s degree of Beijing Foreign Language University, Business English Major, Senior English Teacher certificate.
Goal: My teaching experience from primary school to the University Level enables me to provide the New Foreign Teacher a better understanding of the “Chinese Student”. All Western Teachers experience a Culture Shock with the Chinese Student. It is vital that I help the new teachers have a better understanding of the Chinese students and Chinese education as well as how to organize their classes.


Linda Qi

Senior Visa Coordinator
Duties: Responsible for visa services to expats.
Education: Nankai University.
Goal: Hello I am Linda. I first worked at Tianjin Foresight in 2004 as a Student Service Advisor. I now work as a Senior Visa Coordinator which provides various services to the Foreign Teachers (expats). Through the years, I have provided services to hundreds of expats from 20 different countries, including visa service, housing service and other daily life service. I am lucky to meet so many wonderful people from around the world.


Lydia Li

Foreign Affairs Coordinator
Duties: Responsible for Foreign affairs.
Education: Tianjin University of Science & Technology, Keuka College (USA).
Goal: I have provided Foreign Affairs Services which include Visa Services, Apartment Rentals, CarServices, Pet Entry Services, School Enrolment of Foreign Children, Human Resources Service, and Engineer Experts for the foreign Companies in China.




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Contact Us

If you have any Questions or need Help! Please Contact Us!
Contact Information:

Our Business Office

International department. No.29 Youyi North Road. Hexi District. Tianjin, China


Business Hours

Weekdays:9am to 8pm (China Beijing Standard Time)

Saturday:9am to 2pm (China Beijing Standard Time)